Hot and Cold

How can I one minute be ok and the next not?

I suppose it depends on who I have spoken to and what they have said to me, and how what they have said affects my mood.

Like work, I deal with customers and when they come in, some can be in a bad mood and snap at me and I have to stand there and be nice and poilte and still have to keep a smile on my face, but the rudeness that they can be is unbelieveable sometimes.

I find this has an affect on how I am for the rest of my shift and sometimes I end up snapping at my kids because of it, which I do apologise for when I have calmed down, and they will listen , which is all I need and they are great.

Anyway back to the customers, there is no need for some of their attitude sometimes, at the end of the day we are all going through this pandemic together, it is not an excuse for them to be bullies and think it is ok.

Yes we all have bad days and we can all be snappy and bad tempered, but some of things they come out with and how they treat staff there is just no need for it, not one bit.

It can be the same no matter where you go, whether it be, the shops, in the street, at home, anywhere, it does not take 2 minutes to think about our actions and how we can

One thought on “Hot and Cold

  1. ashleyleia November 11, 2020 / 21:19

    If only more people would realize that being kind makes things better for everyone.

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