Welcome to my Blog.

This is me, Kellie, and Welcome to my blog. I am hoping to help myself understand Mental Health and the everyday issues it can cause, but to also help others who are going through the same. For partners who would like to understand and help their partners through the hardest time that they are going through.

I am a mum of two, and I am currently working in a DIY store, and my partner who supports me through this journey is understand and patient most of the time (when I am not doing his head in). I have changed my mind so many times on what I want to do, but the one thing that has been constant in my mind is helping others.

I am always there when friends or family need me the most and I will give 100% into everything I do, I will help in anyway I can, whether it be researching something, giving them a should to cry on, a hand to hold, or an ear to listen, some say I go above and beyond, but to me I am only doing my best.

I am also looking at becoming a qualified counsellor and life coach.

You can message me through here if you have any questions.

We all need some time to love ourselves.